our story

we have made some changes

more and more people are shopping online in today's economy so we decided to take the leap and lead the way in online butchery in the Canberra and surrounding regions. We have partnered with Placid Rise Farms on the outskirts of Cooma to bring you a true paddock to plate experience.
Free range, Grass fed ,Hormone free and Ethically farmed animals make for some of the tastiest and tender meat around, We are known for our quality and that has not changed. 
Along with these changes we are also able to provide you with a larger range of products as we are not bound by a contract determining what we can and can not sell. Over the coming weeks and months our inventory will be forever expanding as we add more and more products. A larger range with lower overhead costs means more savings for you the customer. 
Not only are our meat products expanding, we will also be selling ready made meals, fresh seafood, fresh produce and a wide range of condiments, keep checking back for updates on when new stock arrives.
all of this delivered to your door 100% free of charge!